The Seven Against Thebes (Spring '82)

Mini-Jewel Michael Dalton Bell

Mini-Jewel Frederick Douglas Huntley

Mini-Jewel Roderic Lowell Johnson (Assassin)

Mini-Jewel Robert Francis Smith

Mini-Jewel Anthony Antonio Smoke

Mini-Jewel Edmund Frank Thomas

Mini-Jewel Ferdinand Beer Williams, Jr.

One The Hard Way

Joe Williams

Two Coming At You

Randy Boodie

David Welch

Solo Mission (Fall '83)

Michael A. Lyles

The Unified Six (Spring '85)

Roderick D. Davis

Ray A. Madison

Gerald J. Williams

Fredrick L. Hamilton

Anthony C. Angion

Alan W. Sconiers (Hambone)

The Mystic Three (Spring '86)

Ronald Cutwright

Kenneth Kelly (3V)

Jeffrey Moore (Commando)

We Are The One (Winter '87)

Jimmy Lewis

Charles Marshall

Darrien Northcutt

The Four Journeymen (Fall '87)

Lorenzo Gonzalez III (Exorcist)

Dewayne R. Sanders

Brinson L. Byrdsong (Tweety)

W. Keith Harris

The Four Destined To Prevail (Fall '88)

Shemonya L. Bonner

Daryl L. Howell

Ricardo Byrdsong

Eddie D. Compton III

Infinite Voyage (Spring '89)

Metrick M. Houser (System)

Johnny Lewis (Schizo)

Corey M. Masuca (Stein)

The Tenacious Three (Spring '90)

Michael Lewis Valentino)

Abraham Snell (Skull)

William Eaddy

Eternally Fourtified ( Spring '91)

James R. Mathews, Jr. (Sprout)

Laurence J. Richards (Mumrah)

Derrick L. Woody (Slive)

Kwambi Dover

The Tripod Of The Mystic Odyssey (Spring '92)

Qaadir L. Haamid (Rear Mowf)

Edwin P. Farrow (Half Dead)

Troy Statton

Me Be Solo (Winter '93)

Fredrick Brown (Thundarr)

Six Guardians of Giza (Spring '93)

Frederick David Veler, Jr. (Opie)

Sidney Kerley (Space Ghost)

Roman Gary Ram)

John Lee Varnado III (Dagwood)

Antoine Scott (Champ)

Vincent Young (Shaggy)

The Four Soldiers Of The Sphinx (Winter '95)

Kristopher Spears (D 'Militant)

Edward Parker Chatters IV (Han Solo)

Roderick Chaney (Dhalsim)

Thomas Billups, Jr. (Hawk)

Five Nomads Of The Burning Sands (Spring '95)

Antonio D. Benford (Juggernaut)

Charles Edward Lewis (Maestro)

Greg Tuck (Smally-Biggs)

Marcus Littles (Da Biz)

William Craig Morgan, Jr. (Tiny)

Six Tales From The Crypt (Spring '96)

Earl Richardson (Jabberjaw)

Zacchaeus Buckner, Jr. (Smokey)

Terence Thomas (Cream)

Alexander D. Bates (P. S. Y. C. H. O.)

Douglas Freeman (Cato)

Jelani Ingram (Big Worm)

Intrepid Trilogy Of Pharaohs (Spring '97)

Kelley Crenshaw (Head N. I. C.)

Corey D. Thomas (Jethro)

David Whyte (Sugar Ray)

Two Many Tried, Two Survived (Spring '98)

Derrick Hammond (I. C. U.)

Cameron Johnson (Mt. Versuvius)

Fortress Of The Sphinx (Spring '00)

Duriel Barlow (Prudential)

Sterling Huntley (M.O.D.)

Jared Blackmon (3Pac)

Jamaine D. Stanton (Hugh Hefner)

Pharoahs Beyond The Sands (Fall '00)

Shameron Turner (Short Circuit)

Fredrick Brown (Freedom)

Varian Sanders (Bodyguard)

The Three Protectors Of The Seven Jewels (Fall '01)

Andre Williams (Hannibal)

Anthony Merriweather (Scarface)

Wilbert Russell (Big Dipper)

Ten Secrets Of The Sphinx (Spring 02)

Cedric Weatherly (Mimic)

Zollie Harris (Strapped)

William Snyder (Houdini)

Kimathi Robinson (Dynamite)

Derrick Williams (Waldo)

Andrae Rudolph (Baby D)

Alfonza Darnell (Robin Hood)

Anthony Brown (Beware)

Jason Jackson (Sidekick)

Jeremiah Ratliff (Ike)

Phive Disciples Of Eternal Egyptian Prophesy (Fall 03)

Peter Wright (Jagged Edge)

Ryan Smith (Next Time)

Olaniyi Akinsanya (Overdraft)

Derryl Dickerson (Worm)

Vincent Harris (Down Up)

Six Guardians Of The Light (Fall 04)

Dameon Woodfin (Drag-on)

Jerome McClendon (97 faces)

Philip Gadsden (Rightsaidfred)

Giles Hill (Doe-nations)

Michael Grady (T.I.)

Andre Crenshaw (B.M.W.)

Six Degrees Of Separation (Fall 05)

Marcus Coleman (Nemo)

Larrez Green (Matchbox 20)

Harry Gooden (Apollo)

Derek Smith (Soul Plain)

Jared Miller (Deaf Jam)

Osaruyi Imaghodor (L.L.)

Courageous Honorable Observers of the Sphinxs Eternal Noble Eight (Fall 07)

De'Varus May (Geico)

Johnathan Henderson (Ole Faithful)

Andre Hamilton (Johny Cage)

Paris Woodfin (Chest[er])

Julius Stevens (Scarecrow)

Brian Hawkins (Player 1)

Cory Glasqow (OnStar)

Kittrell Henderson (Superman)

Eternal Shepards of the Sphinx (Spring 09)

Joshua Agee (Commando)

Antonio Fortson (Schizo)

Zachary Gilbert (Red Bull)

Abel Abraham (D-Day)

Clearthur Billingsley (Beast)

Darius Brown (Dough Boy)

Five Servants of the Undying Legendary Sphinx (Fall 10)

Rodriquez Reedy (Heisman)

Jeremy Samuels (Iron Chef)

Jordan Ward (Overcast)

Eric Coleman (Harpo)

Matthew Cowley (Revelation)

Underground Keepers of the Illustrious Noble Golden Sphinx (Spring 12)

John Wilson (Phacetime)

Isaac J. James (Prime Ape)

Kiquan Presley (Atlas)

Greg Brown (Lift Off)

Jeremy Wiley (IntensiPHIed)

Tariq Martin (Pyro)

Muyiwa Aladebumoye (Finish Line)

Exodus (Fall 13)

Terrance Scott (Hardwire)

Courtney Bass (100 Proof)

Darnell Bunch (Gatsby)

Del Anderson (Overload)

Tevin Harrell (Johnny Bravo)

CJ Jackson (Mr Phreeze)

Justin Robinson (G.Q.)

Khalil Johnson (808)

This is a copyright 2011 of the Omicron Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated.

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